The Bespoke Experience

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Meet Me

I love working on a bespoke project because they are so special. Every one is unique and therefore requires a different approach in terms of techniques and materials used. For this reason I always arrange an in-person, one to one meeting with you so that we can discuss your vision for the project, the styles that you like and to answer any questions you may have. At this point I also like to take some initial measurements and photos to get a sense of the surroundings the piece will be in.

Locally Sourced Materials

All the materials that I use are sourced from local wood yards and companies. I feel that this not only supports local businesses, but also ties your commission to the local area giving it a sense of place and history which is a wonderful legacy to create.

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Handmade With Traditional Techniques

When working, I use a mixture of modern machinery and traditional techniques. I believe that this approach gives your commission the accuracy and seamlessness that it deserves while still staying true to the artisan trade, resulting in the work being unique and beautifully made.