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James Worrall Designs, a professional joiner and furniture maker, is based in the Charente, France. With a relaxed, friendly approach the company specialises in bespoke furniture,  doors, windows, shutters and repairs and restoration. 

Born in Northampton, England James moved with his family to France several years ago. He studied furniture making and joinery in Saint Junien and Limoges before starting James Worrall Designs in 2014. Being billingual allows him to have outlets in both the United Kingdom and France. James has achieved multiple awards including a place at Worldskills International and being recognised as an Artisan of France. 

Please contact us with any questions.  We look forward to hearing from you!



James has competed in multiple competitions in the past four years including Worldskills International. Worldskills International gathers every two years to host a competition showing the best professional youth the world has to offer. While competing in 2011 James came fourth in the Joinery sector and in 2014, third in the Furniture making group. 


Since starting James Worrall Designs he has proved himself to be a trusted and certified tradesman and has since been recognised as a member of the Artisans of France.